Double Occupancy Rates: Deal or No Deal?

In my constant search for getaway deals, most of the time the rates are based on “double occupancy”. So lets start off with the “why”. Hotels rooms are normally designed to accommodate more than one person. Therefore from a business stand point, the hotel won’t normally slash the price for a solo traveler. Don’t get me wrong, there are hotels that will offer different rates on each, but it usually isn’t a big difference.

In a way, if you are traveling alone it can seem like you are being punished for it. But sometimes the deal can be so good that even at a double occupancy rate, it’s still a steal for even the solo traveler. I experienced that from a #Groupon deal myself last summer, and it was well worth the purchase.

Bottom line; sharing the room expense with another is always a benefit financially as the price is cut in half, but if you’re a single occupant and the rate is ridiculously low even at double occupancy for where you want to go, do it! You’ll still end up paying more anyway in a hotel.

Make sure to check out tomorrow’s post where I will suggest ways around the solo traveler lodging expense stigmas with other alternatives.

Thanks for checking out #Meeshmoves!


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