Airbnb to the rescue!

So sometimes when I travel domestically, I want more for my money in terms of where I stay, but I would rather not spend more than I would have to in order to get what I want. For example, ever since Colorado legalized marijuana, the husband and I (a very 420-friendly couple) couldn’t wait to take a trip there since we didn’t know when we’d ever get to Amsterdam.

Now even though you have 420-friendly hotels there, they never publicly advertise it. The most you’ll get is an add like “located at such and such cross street”, and they never put the name. Then we would google map it and look at a picture of said hotel and it was usually a shabby-looking structure that was altogether unappealing from the outside to even want to book a room. Also, they were never straightforward on rules for 420-friendly guests. One ad I saw said 420-friendly, yet the hotel was non-smoking. That confused me as not all 420 guests purchased edibles.

That’s when I tried Airbnb, and it ended up being the best decision ever as the trip was even better than I imagined. On that site, everything is cut and dry. It tells you how many people can be accommodated and the price is the price, whether you’re by yourself or not. The host lists all of their policies and you can decide if it’s the place for you. We got a beautiful luxury apartment in the heart of Denver, on the 27th floor with an amazing balcony view. The host listed his place as very 420-friendly and when we actually got there, he had a list of rules for his apartment that we had no issues complying with. After all, it’s still someone’s home we were in so respect had to be given. Especially when you are publicly rated as a guest on the site by the host to let other hosts know whether or not you are a good guest, and vice versa for the host.

We paid WAY less for a one week stay than we would have in a hotel, and we got an entire apartment with a balcony as opposed to paying more for a room that we couldn’t even enjoy our 420 festivities in. Most hotels that allowed it had a designated area outside for you to partake. We had the luxury of doing it all privately indoors.

All in all, there are different reasons and situations where Airbnb and other sites like it can come in handy. Especially if traveling as a group of four or more.

When it comes to international travel, I tend to like to stick to the hotels, especially if it’s somewhere I know nothing about. Also there are usually all-inclusive hotel deals internationally which sometimes works out better for me depending on where I go.

But having the option sure is nice! Thanks for visiting #MeeshMoves!


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