First of all I have to say that even though I only saw one island of Hawaii, this trip was AMAZING and I had a great time! I stayed for 6 days and I did something different on each day down to the last day, a few hours before heading to the airport to fly back home.

The first excursion I did was Manoa Falls. A slightly intense 2-mile hike up the mountain to the waterfall, the experience is a must do if ever in Oahu. If there is no rain, the most you’ll see is a drip. But I lucked out and saw the beauty of the falls and the tempting pool where it ends. I was going to jump in when one of the locals advised that I don’t if I have any open cuts. Although I didn’t, I got the vibe that that was a suggestion to not go in…so I heeded.

Nevertheless, the experience was definitely a memorable one! Check out my little snippet of a clip below!

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