For years, my girls and I have tried to get Beyoncé tickets whenever she announced a tour.  But as many of her fans already know, within minutes they sell out!  In 2016, we finally hit and got better than expected tickets to go see the queen at her Formation World Tour show at Hershey Park!  AMEX presale benefits had a lot to do with it, so pay attention to those deals if you ever want to see a good show.

Although we lived in New York, we decided to make a girls weekend aka a “Bey Weekend” trip out of it and bought tickets for the Pennsylvania show.  On Friday night we drove to the Poconos where we stayed at my bestie’s family vacation home.  The best times with friends are moments like these where we let loose and acted like crazy girls with no concerns of husbands, kids, or any other responsibilities.

That Saturday, we went to Mount Airy Casino Resort where we lounged around the pool in the day and at night did some gambling and then attended their pool party.  Amped up for our Sunday event to go see queen Bey, we had a blast!

The big day couldn’t come fast enough!  We put on our planned outfits from weeks back and hit the highway to Hershey.  Not only was the show epic, so was the entire weekend!


Missing my lovies!  Check out the clip below and thanks for visiting MeeshMoves!


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