Being able to sit on a bus and be toured around the island was the most fascinating and relaxing experience.  There is SO much to see and the drivers of the tour buses fill you in on plenty of Hawaiian history.

The first stop was at Halona Beach Cove where a scene from the movie “50 First Dates” was shot, as well as a scene out of the movie “From Here to Eternity”.  It’s also the location of The Blowhole which is a very powerful geyser with water shooting out whenever a hard-hitting wave crashed up against it.  I also got to see the surfers in action.

After taking in the beautiful vista and some great photos, we moved on to our next stop which was at a beach with a great view of an island a couple of miles out called “Chinaman’s Hat”.  During low tide, it’s said that you can walk right over!

Moving on to our next stop which was at the Tropical Farms Macademia Nut Outlet.  Hawaii is all about the macademia!  I got to sample different coffee, cookies, popcorn, candy, and a bunch of other products made from the macademia nut.  Of course I had to get the chocolate covered candies.  And I got to see them prepare for a Luau in the traditional Polynesian way!

Moving along was our next stop at the Polynesian Cultural Center where we had lunch.  Below is a pic of my dish; Mashed breadfruit, Mahi Mahi coated in crushed macademia nuts, and of course pineapple!

After that, we went snorkeling on the north shore of the island.  The waters are pretty rough on that side but it was an area known for sea turtle sightings.  We didn’t get to see any but snorkeling is always fun nonetheless!

The last stop was at the famous Dole Plantation.  Now back on the mainland and whenever I go to the Caribbean and I eat pineapple, I get a crazy allergic reaction.  My lips get really swollen for about a day, looking like I had a bad botox job.  But in Hawaii, I ate pineapple on more than one occasion and had absolutely no reaction.  I was told that the acidity level in their pineapples aren’t as high.  So naturally when we got to Dole, I made sure to indulge in their famous “Dole Whip”.  This delicious treat is made strictly from the pineapple with a texture that is a cross between ice cream and yogurt.  I couldn’t believe that it had no dairy which was perfect for me.

All in all, this day was perfect!  Check out the clip below and thanks for visiting MeeshMoves!


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