Nassau Bahamas has some of the most beautiful waters I’ve ever seen – so far.  With crystal clear turquoise and blue seas, white sand that felt like carpet under my feet, water excursions were a must for me!

I made sure to do my research before the trip so I was already anticipating going to Stuart Cove’s.  They have many different underwater excursions, but for me it was all about the subscooter adventures where as opposed to swimming down by a dive, you are lowered down while on your own personal subscooter.  Once 15-20 feet down, you are your own pilot so just follow the guide!


Initially, I was a little freaked out by the physics of it.  I mean, you get into the water and climb up onto the seat.  As you are climbing to get on, it is being lowered on top of your head and sinking you all at the same time.  Just like in a plane, your ears are going to pop.  As long as the oxygen tank is flowing, that bubble over your head will not fill with water.  Being a sometimes pessimist about certain things, I made sure to pay close attention to that oxygen gauge because the last thing I wanted was for it to run out while I was under.

If you try this, remember to BREATH NORMALLY.  I was nervous at first, so with the little panicking that I did at the beginning, I ended up wasting a lot of the oxygen.  But once we got started, it was nothing!  I’m kidding – it was definitely a thing to cross off of my bucket list!  The experience was amazing and well worth the price.


Check out the clip below and thanks for visiting MeeshMoves!


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