A benefit of living in NYC is that there is always something different to do or try.  My girls and I went to see Girls Trip on opening night.  If you haven’t seen it yet you should!  And it will make you itch for a girls trip too!

Anyway, we went to IPIC Theater by South Street Seaport.  Now, I don’t do the movies as often as I used too.  In fact, this was the first time I’ve gone this year!  With that being said, I didn’t mind the price tag for what they offered.  The only seats available when we purchased our tickets were regular seats in the front that didn’t include butler service like the others.  I expected an uncomfortable experience for my $20, but it was far from that!  People who had table seating were way up front, and those who had reclining chairs were behind us.  Our seats didn’t recline but they were big, roomy, soft and plush.  The bar didn’t hurt either.  I was more than comfortable and we enjoyed every part of it!

Once the movie was over, we exited the theater right into an outside silent party.  I’ve always seen these kinds of partied but never did it and I must say – it was fun!

Check out the clip below and thanks for visiting meeshmoves!


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