I love whenever I go down to Atlanta.  My mom lives there and now so does my bestie!  I have many reasons to be out when I need a getaway from this hustle-bustle NY life.

I follow another blogger on IG @willedmond.  My bestie suggested his page to me since she keeps hearing me talk about solo travel.  He has great ideas, host trips, and provides pics and tips on his website


Those who know me know that I’m all about great food, especially southern cuisine.  So when Will advertised his Bike & Foodie tour on IG, I knew I had to sign up!  So earlier this month, I took a little weekend trip down and made sure this a part of my weekend moves.

First off I want to say that Will was the most amazing host.  Meeting him for the first time, he greets you as if you were a long time friend.  His energy is awesome!  Not to mention I also met some great people also on the tour.

To start, we met up at Bike Barn on the Beltline to get our bike rentals.  They have some comfy cruisers to choose from.  Ladies, you know how an uncomfortable seat can be!  Definitely not an issue with the bikes at Bike Barn.

As we made our way to the first stop, we rode passed wall structures in which the city of Atlanta allowed mural art, and saw some amazing work by some very talented artists.

First stop was at a restaurant named Milltown Tavern.  Food was good.  I tore up the chicken egg roll situation!

After we left there, we made out way to Bar Taco.  I had a falafel taco and a lobster taco.  They were delicious and the portions were just right!

From there we took a short walk over to another spot called Pure for their known strong margaritas.  It was strong, but also very refreshing and welcoming in the hot Georgia weather!

Afterwards we took a nice little ride along the beltline.  I loved the fact that you saw people showcasing their talents with singing and playing instruments as if walking thru Grand Central Station (my NYC peeps know about this).

Off of the beltline, we stopped in at Ponce Market for some fried chicken at a spot called Hop’s Chicken, which was also our last stop.  There’s no way I could be in Atlanta and not have fried chicken!


After enjoying that along with some great conversation, we made our way back to Bike Barn to return the cruisers.

The older I get, the more important certain things in life become to me.  Meeting new people, making new friends, and doing things outside of my normal everyday life are things I’ve always loved.  But it has so much more meaning to me now.

I’m so glad to have met the people that I did on this move.  Truly kind and down to earth individuals.  As Will said, “we friends now!”

ATL:  Part 2 coming soon!

Check out the clip below and thanks for visiting MeeshMoves!




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