I love using PayPal for any kind of online transaction as long as it’s accepted. I’ve only had two issues with not getting the items I paid for after a long period, and PayPal had my back both times! Most people know PayPal to be something you link your credit/debit card too in order to make the payments. That’s the only way I knew it to be for a while.

I started to get constant email offers from them about getting PayPal Credit. Now I have enough damn credit lines, so I never paid it any mind. Then one day while hanging out at my brother’s house, he started to go on and on about how great PayPal Credit is and how I need to get it.

When you buy anything over $100, you can use PayPal Credit and have six months interest free to pay it back. I’ve seen it in their offers but it never jumped at me to get it since like I said before, I have enough lines of credit. But once I thought about it, it made perfect sense for me to have it! I’m always shopping online so instead of using a credit card and having to pay back the purchase with interest or use my cash, I can use PayPal Credit and have six months to pay it off.

Now when I book a flight, I only go to sites/airlines where I can use PayPal Credit to pay for it. I love building reward points and getting cash back on my credit cards, but interest-free payments are pretty hard to beat. My AMEX is also interest free but you have to pay it off before the next billing cycle (one month). Great for my credit but sometimes when I OD with the shopping, it isn’t so great for my pockets.

So if you don’t have PayPal Credit, look into it and get it. Why not? I only use it for online purchases and only if the purchase is over a $100. It takes the strain off of my credit cards AND my wallet!

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