Long Island New York is a beautiful suburban outskirt of New York City.  Although there is any and everything to do in the city, Long Island has its little hidden gems too.  I live 10-15 minutes away from The Nautical Mile, a mile long strip of restaurants and bars right on the water.  I LOVE going there on a weekend night!

My favorite spot to go to is Otto’s Sea Grill.  The drinks are good, food is always on point and the atmosphere is laid back and fun.  Some nights they have karaoke and a live band on the weekend!


Bracco’s Clam & Oyster Bar has good food as well but at night the crowd can be a little thick.  There’s always a poppin’ party going on there and once 11pm comes around and they have to turn the music off, you get headphones to continue the rest of the night as a silent party.  If you haven’t tried one of those yet you should!  It’s also fun to watch people dancing in unison to a song that only they can hear.

There are so many other places to visit there but these are just the places that I tend to go too.  But all you have to do is park and walk the strip and check out wherever draws you in, whether it be the music, the food, or just the vibes.

What’s funny is that a lot of folks on Long Island have lived there for years and don’t know about this place.  During late spring throughout the summer and up to the beginning of fall, if you live in or are visiting NYC and you want that island tropical vibe, come out to the mile!

Check out the clip below and thanks for visiting MeeshMoves!



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