Slip and falls within the property management industry are a common occurrence.  What managers and landlords needs to pay to attention to are the steps that are being taken to avoid these incidents happening, due to the negligence of the landlord.

So how do we do that?  Well, it’s easier said than done.  In property management, slip and fall injuries are the main reason for General Liability claims.  Especially during the winter up here in the Northeast.  In management, you want to make sure you take every step possible to avoid increased liability insurance premiums.  This can be very costly to the property owner and as a property manager, you want to make the landlord happy with low operating costs.

Again, how do we do that?  PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.  Inspect the property!  If there’s a snow storm coming, implement a system with your maintenance staff to keep sidewalks and walkways clear.  Interior of buildings should be constantly monitored and cleaned.  During a snow storm, people tend to bring the ice and water in on their shoes.  Same thing goes for a rain storm.  If floors are wet, make sure there is a visible notice advising of such.


Walk the property!  Fill in the cracks, make sure those steps are secure, handrails/guardrails are sturdy, proper and visible signage, etc.  Make sure that you as the manager/owner are keeping yourself aware of any discrepancies on the property that may result in you having to complete and submit an incident report to your insurance company and in turn paying out $$$.  Property management is by far not easy.  Housing laws vary from state to state.  However, from someone working in property management for 14 years, managing a property can be a smooth-sailing ship if you are on top of your game.

If you’re having difficulties with managing a property and want consultation services, message me your info!  Thanks for visiting MeeshMoves!




  1. Very good article. There is nothing like years under your belt in Property Management. It takes years to learn all the rules and laws of being a landlord. I would never suggest to someone to manage their own property without a solid Property Management specialist backing me up! There are so many ways that one can get in trouble with words and actions without an experienced Property Manager.

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