I love each and every time I fly down to Atlanta.  I get to spend time with my mom and stepdad, I get to see my bestie, and I get to indulge on some good ol’ southern comfort food.  This last trip I did all of that and then some!

This trip was a mix of business and pleasure, and boy was it productive!  I flew into Atlanta and went straight to enjoy the Georgia Renaissance Festival.


Things old world like that tends to fascinate me – AND it felt like I was in an episode of Game of Thrones!  I planned to buy one of those dresses they wore back then since I always wanted one.  But when I saw that $800 price tag on them (some of them even more) I kindly shelved that idea.  However, the prices were definitely warranted as they were authentic and of quality material.   I loved the different attractions, and FOOD.  Had to get the huge turkey stick and kill it Viking style.  After all of that, how sweet it was to just walk back across the street to my family’s house.


The next day my mom and I drove down to Jacksonville to scope out the area as it is one of the places I may relocate to.


It’s a very strong possibility that it may be my final destination because I straight fell in love with it.  I love the beach and tropical weather so Florida is definitely in the running.  With Jacksonville, I can get the inland feel as well as the beachy tropical feel – basically the best of both worlds.  Not to mention the people.  SO friendly and polite!  I networked with ease, even having people asking me for my resume when that wasn’t even my intention.  I also linked up with family and again – enjoyed some good food!

On the way back to Atlanta from Jacksonville, we stopped in Macon, GA at my cousin’s restaurant Tropical Flava Caribbean Restaurant which has top ratings on Trip Advisor.  He is an amazing chef and restaurant owner who has a serious passion for what he does.  His cuisines NEVER disappoint!


Once I got back to Atlanta, it was quality time with my bestie and my godson.  Spent the day with my godson at the Alpharetta pool and then it was grown-folk time in the evening with by bestie and one of her friends.  We went to Cirque Daiquiri Bar & Grill where indulged in some good food, drinks, hookah, and music!


Last stop was Chattanooga!  I was determined to make the most out of my trip so I scheduled the state exam for my Florida Community Association Manager (CAM) license, and the only test center that had availability was in Tennessee.  So me and the fam made a day trip out of it.

After I took and passed the state exam, we went to Hickory Pitt BBQ in Chattanooga where we met a new friend named Jason who is also the owner of the restaurant.  He is so personable and kind.  In talking to us, we found out that he lived in Jamaica for a few months years and years a go as a missionary, and told us how he loved Ting and could never find it.  As Jamaicans, we told him we got him.  My mom got his personal info and the next week sent him a case of Ting and scotch bonnet pepper sauce.  He loves spice and never had that one.  After our dinner, he told us that people like us makes him love having his restaurant and makes him enjoy running it.

With all of the social and political drama in our country today, there’s one thing that cannot be taken away from it and that’s how beautiful this country is, and regardless of the current encouraged division by our country’s current leadership, the beautiful people of this country (which I feel is the majority) gives me hope of better days ahead.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to check out the vlog below!



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