Let me tell you, this real estate game is a real hustle, especially in New York.  It has definitely become a sellers’ market here, and offers are competitive.

I recently got my clients offer accepted on a move-in ready house that’s perfect for them, and exactly what they wanted.  BUT, we had to compete with another buyer.  I was in London on a private tour and without my laptop when I got the call from the seller’s agent.  I negotiated the offer and got it accepted, set up the home inspection, and arranged contact with my clients attorney to get the contracts for my clients to sign.

All of this done with just my cell phone, a piece of scrap paper from my bag, and my red lip liner since I had no pen.  When you get into this business, even on vacation the work doesn’t stop.  As an agent, it is my responsibility to give 100% to my clients and I take that seriously.

Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools in this industry.  It’s important when your clients can relay a positive experience with you as their agent.  That can land a referral right into your hands.

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