Divorce stories are countless.  Whether it had to do with infidelity, disrespect, abuse, etc., when it actually happens, the loss you feel can be as if someone died.  I won’t act like it wasn’t the best decision for me, but after ten years in a marriage, the shit still hurts.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I never married with the intention of getting divorced, and no one should.  My plan was to build a life with that person.  So when I had to make that decision to walk away, it was gut-wrenching – but necessary.

It’s not something to be taken lightly, and should be exercised only if there is no other solution and nothing else works.  If your union is strong enough to withstand the outside factors – or “sharks” as I heard a pastor refer to them as – treasure that unbreakable bond.

If you have to take that step to divorce, you will mourn the marriage, no matter how bad it was.  But it’s ok, it’s a part of the process!  Eventually you’ll get back to you!

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