In life, we all have a moment where we want to just “GO”.  It could be a job, a relationship, friends, family, or a change in environment.   But when that want becomes a need, sometimes you just have to do it.

Most of us have that moment in our thirties.  They say as a humans, we start life transitions around that age.  I feel like that’s definitely a fact.  All of my life transitions happened in my thirties.

It started with my circle.  Family that I grew up with had to become strangers, and friendships that drifted a part had to be let go.  It was all a part of the process.

Next came my marriage.  I got married in my twenties.  Who I became in my thirties was not the same person, and that was hard to accept by my then husband, which I feel contributed to the downfall of that relationship.

Then the J-O-B.  Initially I saw myself climbing up the career ladder and really go places within the company.  My then boss sold me a good con when he asked me to come back and work with him.  Not a lot of people could work with him due to his unfiltered mouth when it came to certain things that should not be discussed in the workplace such as POLITICS.

He is a hardline republican (should say it all) and would say things that I would chalk up to him babbling shit but to others it was intolerable.  I started working there the same year I got married and I had a good salary so I only gave a shit about stacking my money and making moves.  Therefore I didn’t take a lot of his shit seriously, and once you voiced up to him he would calm down and stop talking whatever shit he was talking about.

And then what I dub “The Trump Effect” took place after the 2016 elections, and he just became unbridled with the racist and demeaning comments.  I don’t know if it’s the times, or if it’s me growing (this whole thirties transition thing) AKA getting old, but I became unable to tolerate his mouth and began to take his ass on.  Then I would give him this disgusting attitude sometimes unintentionally, but I didn’t care nonetheless.  I mean I would come into the office in a good mood and then as soon as he got in I would turn sour.  I had to take a step back and ask myself; is this the life that’s going to give you what you want?  Hell no!

I got my real estate license and began doing that as my side hustle.  I never hid that from the company as in this business, the more you can get your name out there the better.  Now he asked me to do something when taking rental applications that I as a licensed agent could not do as it is considered discrimination.  The company did not pay for me to get my shit and I have morals about me so I was not about to risk it.

Said boss rejected a good rental application and while going over it with the applicants, they inquired about buying and I gave them my business card.  Fast forward a few months later and I get them a house.  When I told him about it, he had a look of envy in his face and asks me – after over 10 years of working with me and knowing my work ethic – “are you doing this real estate business on company time?”  I said “excuse me?” and then I chuckled and calmly said “no.”  Meanwhile, all he did on “company time” was play Trump speeches blaring from his computer for the entire office to hear, runs home everyday for a few hours to do whatever, and constantly interrupting staff while they are working to talk about movies and politics.

The next day I gave in my resignation and was out of there!  There was never any intention of moving me from the position that I was in which was under him, and the minute he saw I was doing bigger things of my own accord, it seemed to piss him off AKA hatin’.

Now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Although I took a leap of faith and left New York altogether, I no longer have that feeling of fear before I let it all go.  I feel excited about the unknown.  Plus I set myself up so that I can make moves in my new state and got my GA real estate license, did some networking and met the right people to help me get to where I need to be.  All of this I did ahead of time so don’t feel like I didn’t strategize my shit.  Once I made up my mind I did what I had to do to make sure I’m good.

So my point?  When it’s time to go, chuck up the deuces and GO!

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  1. The family is dysfunctional, has nothing to do with race. Nobody talks to anyone and it is what it is. But my post is about life in general as was my book. I wouldn’t take it so personally. Love always❤


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