First off get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m about to get into the meaning of the title – but it’s not that! LOLL!!  All jokes aside though, I’ve seen in life where words out of one’s mouth has brought success, sadness, trouble, and tragedy.  Not a lot of us think about that when we say things.  I mean we’re all human!  Sometimes shit just comes out.

I have many moods and depending on the mood, I can say positive things or sometimes I can talk some reckless shit.  Either way, it’s realizing the power of your tongue with regards to your life that signifies growth, and I’m getting to that point of realization.

I’ve come to learn that no matter how angry I get, remaining positive and speaking positivity into my life actually does bring good things, which far outweighs being negative and salty.  I’ve been in that place of constantly speaking negativity and that was all I ever encountered.  I’ve also realized that no matter how much I lash out or curse people out that upset me, it doesn’t make me feel better inside.

In the heat of the moment, I sometimes can’t help my reaction to certain things – especially having a hot head – but I know I feel good when I ignore things that bring me no joy.

Don’t let your tongue hinder you from happiness.  Be positive, be happy.  Speak it into existence and watch life take a different turn!  Slowly but surely I’m starting to see that with mine.

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