New Place, New Life – FLORIDA!

I never thought I would have ever been brave enough to take this step, but sometimes life can force you to do things out of your comfort zone, in order to get you on the path where you need to be.

This has been the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken.  I mean, I picked up and moved somewhere that I knew nothing about, where I knew no one, and hit the reset button on my life.

So how has it worked out?  Too soon to tell.  I live in an area called Lakeland and so far –  I absolutely love where I live!  It’s quiet, I have a beautiful view of forestry, and pleasant neighbors.  There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on my balcony with my hookah, glass of wine, and my computer.  There’s also an awesome recreation area with billiard’s, a pool area with cabanas, and a cozy firepit.  Did I mention that I live amongst the nice restaurants and shopping?.  I mean I literally walk across the parking lot and I’m there – including the IMAX movie theatre.

Another thing I love about this place are the trails!  If you’re ever in Lakeland, you have to check out Circle B Bar Reserve (I’ll do a separate post on this one).  They have a bunch of cool trails.  I mean you’re sometimes mere steps from an alligator just laid out on the side, chillin’.


Now where I am is considered mid-Florida.  I’m more located inland, so when I want a little beach vibe, I head west to St. Petersburg or Clearwater and hang out along the gulf.  If I want even more action I can head east to Orlando.  I’m literally right in the middle!

Even though I don’t know if Lakeland is somewhere I’ll permanently call home, it’s surely in the running!

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2 thoughts on “New Place, New Life – FLORIDA!

  1. Hi Miisha. That was a huge move! So good to hear that everything is going well. It looks really beautiful there but I’m not so sure about the reptiles. Are you still working in Real Estate and Property Management? All is well here. We are all doing our thing and we’re healthy. Retirement is a trip in itself. Love seeing the pix of you and your cousins! I wish we (or at least your generation) could have a family reunion. For real. Maybe someday? I have visions of it! Lol. Say hi to your mom for me!

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