I knew I should’ve resisted the urge for that Cold Stone chocolate shake and kept my ass at home.  But it was Sunday (a day where I eat whatever and however I want), hot, and I looked forward to this treat all week.

Fortunately for me, it’s walking distance so I figured I’d just walk over and burn some calories with all of the calories I was about to take in with that shake.  It’s Florida so there are bugs everywhere, especially bees and wasps.  But throughout the years, I’ve always lucked out so it didn’t really bother me.

As hot as it was, I felt cool in the loose fitting flowy dress I had on.  Got my shake.  Yes!  I should wait until I get home to bus’ this down.  Fuck that, I thought as I walked and drank my shake.  I got back home, finished what was left, and fell into my couch.  My friend calls me and we’re on the phone choppin’ it up while I turn on the TV.

Out of nowhere, a sharp burning pain hit the top of my foot.  It felt as if someone decided to out their cigarette on it.  Without even looking, I started wildin’ out, kicking my feet because I knew something had to have bit me and I wanted it off and dead.  Sure enough, I saw the little fucker fluttering on my living room floor, slowly dying.  I lifted my dress to inspect my foot and that’s when I saw part of the stinger sticking out.  The pain began to intensify.  I didn’t care, I grabbed my foot and started to squeeze the shit out of where the stinger was until I squeezed it right out.  As soon as it came out, the pain subsided.

Thank God I didn’t get the full sting due to my wild instinctual reaction (which was hell a funny if you were there). If my little half sting experience felt like that, I don’t want to ever feel that shit full force, or worse yet a sting from a friggin’ wasp!

Bottom line – if I hadn’t went for that damn shake, that bee wouldn’t have hitched a ride on my dress and made its way into my home.  I should’ve resisted the temptation!

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